Liner Notes, A Lair Novel

Liner Notes, A Lair Novel Review

From USA Today bestselling author, A.M. Madden comes a STAND-ALONE rock star spin-off novel from The Back-Up Series.

She's my, gorgeous, older, feisty agent... and I have no business wanting her.

Who could have predicted you'd walk into my life?
Ruined me in the best and worst of ways. . . changed me forever?
But how can I compete with the frivolous gifts and exotic destinations he dangles in your face?
I shouldn't even have the balls to try.
All I can give you are words, notes, and melodies.
Like the songs recorded on this album, some of which were created because of you.
You already have my heart.
Does he have yours?
He may be perfect on paper.
Cookie-cutter. Clean. Neat. Stable.
I'm anything but those things.
With me, you'll get messy and dirty.
The ride will be tumultuous and chaotic.
But I can guarantee you one thing:
Our life together would be epic.

Title:Liner Notes, A Lair Novel

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